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Sticks and Stones and Benedictions

Our Lenten Sermon series is Sticks and Stones, and we’ve been looking at the words and phrases that Christians use that might be confusing or even off-putting to other Christians, people of other faiths, or people who claim no faith. We began by being honest about the very word Christian […]

Sticks and Stones and Benedictions2017-03-30T12:22:06-05:00

Confession IS Good for the Soul

During Lent, we have been offering a corporate (as a body) prayer of confession prior to our communion feast. Some of you probably wonder why we’re having a confession every week. Others haven’t noticed. Since part of Lenten practice is being mindful, I wanted to remind you about why it […]

Confession IS Good for the Soul2017-03-22T17:41:00-05:00

Another Sad Day at the Capitol

In his book Sabbath, Wayne Muller recounts this story: In the early 1990s, many hundreds of people in the US sent donations to help the poor, unfortunate children in the Sahel region of Africa after seeing heart wrenching images on television. The nomadic peoples of the Sahel were being pushed […]

Another Sad Day at the Capitol2017-03-08T14:40:07-06:00
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