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Flaming Christians

I will admit right up front that I designed this title to grab your attention…and yes, I did have certain ones of you in mind ?

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the “Birthday of the Church,” the recognition of the gift of the Holy Spirit. We use red to symbolize Pentecost […]

Flaming Christians2017-05-31T11:43:20-05:00

After Manchester

I have a special place in my heart for Rev. Ilene Brenner Dunn. Ilene is one of the wonderful people who tried to get the Presbyterian Church (USA) to ordain out gay clergy back when such a stance was a minority position. On a fall morning ten years ago, Ilene […]

After Manchester2017-05-25T17:06:39-05:00

Responding to the Chaos

One of my favorite passages in all literature comes near the end of A Tale of Two Cities. Miss Pross, longtime caretaker for Lucy and Dr. Manette, engages in mortal combat with Madame Defarge as Miss Pross tries to allow time for Lucy and her family to escape France and […]

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Our Faith Doesn’t Discriminate

Once again clergy from many faith traditions gathered at the capitol today to let legislators know that our faith calls on us to love one another and treat each others as neighbors. We are no longer going to allow clergy voices of judgment and exclusion to be the dominant ones.

Below […]

Our Faith Doesn’t Discriminate2017-05-04T23:35:38-05:00
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