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Pride Goeth Before the Fall

I always have mixed feelings about PRIDE month. On the one hand, it’s necessary. On the other, I wish it wasn’t. On one hand, it provides a clear visual of how far we’ve come. (Did you see pictures of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau with Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, Pastor of […]

Pride Goeth Before the Fall2017-06-28T14:50:10-05:00

It’s Not Hot…It’s Hot AND Humid

Oh, my goodness! Have you noticed? Have you noticed how HOT it is? And for no extra charge, we’ve got an extra helping of humidity…

Now, this is not a complaint; this is an announcement. This is an announcement and an invitation.

It’s summer! And I’m inviting you to step into it […]

It’s Not Hot…It’s Hot AND Humid2017-06-07T11:55:45-05:00
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